DIY Acrylic Beanie Hat

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2. 100pcs order accepted to your own style /logo caps.
3. We not only doing hats, but high-street culture.
4. We not just making hats, but supplying a package of service from designing to products advertising solutions.

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F: Our company culture is to help customers grow up and succeed

A: The training helps enhance their comprehensive quality and make them more professional

B: It saves customer's time and help visualize his ideas

E:factory picture and custom hats work.

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The material and type of woven hats are as diverse as the types of woolen hats and velvet woven hats. 

The wool yarn used in the wool hat is usually referred to as wool spinning prope yarn, and there are also 

different types of chemical fiber spinning sprinkle line, such as: rayon fiber, polyester fiber, cotton 

material, etc., different materials of wool products, only need a lighter, generally Can be distinguished. 

Plush woven hats are usually made of cashmere or cashmere.


1> Knitted methods


2> Logo artworks


3> Add on


Knitted Cap Material: Wool Hat

Wool hat category: cotton material: 100% COTTON

When the cotton thread is burning, there will be a burning paper smell, the flame is orange, there is blue 

smoke, the hair A is not shrinking, the fire source is left, and it can continue to burn, with a small amount 

of gray powder.

The powder is soft and the hand is lightly touched.

Wool hat category: wool fiber: 100% WOOL

When it is close to the fire source, the wool thread will curl immediately, dissolve slowly, the flame is 

orange, there is a smell of burning hair, f shiny and amorphous Xuan block, loose and crisp and more

Rough, hand rubs immediately.

Yarn hats: polyester fiber

Close to the flame, melt first, melt, smoke, and burn slowly; the flame is yellow-white, continue to burn 

when leaving the flame, sometimes extinguished by itself; smell: special aromatic sweetness; residue

Features: Hard black beads.



1. We have 16 years of experience in making caps and beanies.

2. We could offer professional custom suggestions.

3. Own design team can help you develop all your new ideas.

4.We have experienced factory with the fastest speed to complete the order. 

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