Hats End Up In Female Fashion Standard

- Feb 20, 2019-

Judging from the historical evolution of the hat, the original crown of China could not be counted as a true hat, and the hat was passed from Huskies to the central plains, while the modern hat was introduced directly from the west. In ancient China, the ordinary woman is not wearing a hat, the woman to 15 years old hair wear hairpin, with "Elaine" in the back of the hair or the hair bandage stereotypes.

The woman in the ancient hat, one is the Queen concubine and other aristocratic women, there are "Phoenix crown" "Corolla" and other privileges, as well as female officer can wear a hat, but also a symbol of power and status. In the Tang Dynasty, the improved hat, called "The Curtain Hat", which had been popular among the upper aristocratic women from huskies, was surrounded by the sari, which was used to prevent sand and cover the surface, and prevented strange men from peeking, which was equivalent to the black veil of women in the Islamic region today.

Chinese women wear hats from the end of the Qing Dynasty, mostly imitation of Western women, at first can also be said to be a status symbol, and then completely become decorations and real supplies. Unlike in China, European women put on hats early on and were already popular in the Middle Ages, as the church strictly required women at the time to block their hair and hats became a must-have and a symbol of etiquette. The "Women's Hat Maker" even appeared in 18th century. The word comes from Milan, Italy, because during this period Milan's handmade women's hats were best known for their best quality.

In those days, the relationship between female hat and guests was usually fixed, as if some women were now in the same relationship as hairdressers. In modern society, wearing a trendy hat is the embodiment of fashion women's pursuit of beauty, especially the summer wear of the cool hat, has become a female summer sunscreen decorative essential supplies. Today, no matter the city's streets, tourist attractions, or country fields, a beautiful cool hat like a blooming flower, to the city and the countryside add a bit of color.