Snapback Cap Leather Strap

1. Branded Quality
2. 25pcs order accepted to your own style /logo caps.
3. We not only doing caps, but high-street culture.
4. We not just making caps, but supplying a package of service from designing to products advertising solutions.

Product Details


1 We focus on right belief, right words and right performance!

2 So we have right belief as leader, and say proper words in right occasion and do what are the best for our company and customers.

3 To make our customers feel more reliable and comfortable.

4 We received many feedback saying that we are easy to communicate with, and we always give them what they need in time. What's more, they love our efficient work. So we became their only cap supplier, Attached are some amazing caps we made for customers and some good comments.

5 Our businessmen always take special training to gain the ability to well communicate with customers.

6 We can well understand what the customer's demands.

7 We can offer our help according to their real demands.

8 We received an email which said: I am glad, but why you always know what I want!



Products Pictures:






Shenzhen Aung Crown Caps&Hats Industrial Ltd., founded in 2009, is a set of independent research, development, design, production and sales of high-end street-style & casual stylish caps and clothing company. Their products are exported mainly to Europe and the United States. They have their own hip-hop brand Streeter, VFACAP, last but not least, AUNG CROWN.



Aung Crown Group Culture:

People working in Aung Crown can enjoy welfare tour and annual party for recognition and awards every year.



People working in Aung Crown can attend at least one time out door activities or celebrate some important festivals/holiday together which can help to build a super sales and production team.  

When Aung Crown staff have their birthday, they will have a lucky draw, and they will have special gifts provided by the company.



We only absorb the elite, and will become the elite of the people!

No need to be talent of each skill, but to study hard! No need to be delicate, but to be specialized!

We only make caps&hats, only make things related to caps&hats! So will you forward to your hats project with us now?


Aung Crown Website:

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